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29th March 2022 - Press Notice

Press Notice

Dr Helen Miles has announced that she will be an independent candidate for Deputy in St Brelade at the General Election.

Helen lived in St Brelade as a child, attending Mont Nicolle School, and returned to the Parish in 2000 to raise her family.

Helen spent over 30 years working for Jersey’s public service in Customs and Immigration, Probation and Aftercare, Police and strategic policy roles. She is Vice-Chair of Autism Jersey, a former independent member of the Public Accounts Committee and holds a number of academic lecturing posts. A firm believer in lifelong education, Helen studied throughout her career and holds a PhD in the Social Sciences, specialising in criminal justice and Jersey’s unique Honorary Police and Parish Hall Enquiry system.

If elected, Helen will work to deliver community-based policies to tackle the key social and economic challenges facing Islanders, including the housing crisis, improving educational opportunities and enhancing community safety.

Helen will seek improvements within St Brelade, notably to Les Quennevais precinct, the Elephant Park and Red Houses and will campaign to protect the coastline of both the Parish and Island from further development.

Helen commented:

“I am very pleased to announce that I will be an independent candidate for Deputy in St Brelade. I am looking forward to meeting parishioners and discussing the issues that matter to them during the coming months.

Jersey faces several social and economic challenges, and we need new States Members with commitment, strong leadership and proven experience to put Jersey back on track. A different approach is required – one that is rooted in an understanding of our Island community and a knowledge of what works best for Jersey. I believe I have the skills to be an effective voice for St Brelade in the States.

If elected, I will pursue community-based policies and work collaboratively and collectively with colleagues across the political spectrum to achieve positive change for St Brelade and for Jersey.”

Helen will publish a full manifesto in due course. Should any Parishioner wish to speak to Helen before or during the campaign, she can be contacted via:


Twitter: @drhelenmiles

Facebook Page: Helen Miles for Deputy of St Brelade

Phone: 498281

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