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Family: married to Richard with grown up sons

Career: Executive Officer - Customs and Immigration

Research and Information Manager - Probation and After Care Service

Director of Criminal Justice - States of Jersey Police

Policy Director - Government of Jersey

Current Roles: Visiting Lecturer  (Criminology)  - Institute of Law, University College Jersey, 

Honorary Research Fellow - Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law - Swansea University

Hobbies and Interests: Charity Trekking, Member of the Optimists Battle of Flowers Club, voluntary work, singing, dancing, walking. 


I came to Jersey as a baby and, living in St Brelade, I was one of the first pupils to attend Mont Nicolle school when it opened in 1970.  I continued my education at St Lawrence, St Helier Girls and Hautlieu and have studied throughout my career, obtaining an Open University degree and a PhD in Criminal Justice for which I studied Jersey's unique Honorary Police and Parish Hall Enquiry system.

I returned to St Brelade in 2000 with my husband Richard, to raise our large family of sons in a three generation home with my parents. We have strong parish connections - my father taught at Les Quennevias School for many years and one of our sons is now a teacher at Mont Nicolle. I care deeply about our Island and our Parish. Jersey is a great place to live but in recent years we have lost our way and not been focusing on the issues that matter most to the public.  A fresh approach is required, one that is rooted in an understanding of our Island community and a knowledge of what works best for Jersey. I have a proven track record of committed service to the Island, both professional and voluntary, which can help us put Jersey back on track. 



I spent 31 years working for Jersey's public service, in law enforcement, criminal justice and policy roles, leading high-performing teams to deliver key services for Islanders. In that time, I obtained professional qualifications in senior leadership, including completion of the Strategic Command Course delivered by the College of Policing which qualifies me for Chief Officer roles. Since my departure in 2018, I have held a number of voluntary positions including as an independent member of the Public Accounts Committee, the Legal Aid Guidelines Advisory Commitee.

 In 2005, I was a founder member of Autism Jersey and led a group of determined parents to establish a highly successful charity that delivers excellent services to the autism community in Jersey. I continue to serve as Vice Chair and, as part of supporting our work in Jersey, have led challenging overseas treks to raise much needed funds. 


I have the knowledge, skills and experience to be an effective voice for our Parish and our Island in the States Assembly.  I am an energetic, self-motivated, independent thinker and, if elected, will work with colleagues across the political spectrum to deliver the policies that I believe will improve outcomes for our Parish and Island. 

I have always worked collaboratively and collectively to achieve positive change for Jersey, and I will continue this approach as your Deputy to deliver a healthier, prouder, more cohesive and safer community.  As a Policy Director, I worked closely with Ministers and scrutiny panels; I know, understand and respect our parliamentary processes and procedures.

I will consider issues on their merits and, as an independent candidate, my accountability will be solely and directly to the parishioners of St Brelade. 

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