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The general election in Jersey takes place on  Wednesday 22nd June 2022. Islanders will elect 37 Deputies across 9 electoral districts. The role of Connétable remains unchanged in each of the 12 parishes. The role of Senator - the island-wide mandate has been abolished. 

The former St Brelade Number One and Two districts have been combined and parishioners will now vote for 4 deputies across the parish. 

Voting will also be easier this year than ever before, with the return of pre-poll voting as well as new rules around postal voting which will mean anyone can ask to vote via post 

To register to vote in St Brelade visit Registering to Vote | Parish of St Brelade or contact the Parish Hall

( Tel: 741141 )

More information  about candidates will be sent to all households in May, but the most important thing in the meantime is to make sure you are registered to vote by the deadline of noon on 10 May 2022.

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