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Nick Winsor MBE

Chair - Autism Jersey 

"Helen’s work with Autism Jersey has shown her commitment to improving the lives of islanders and determination to succeed in delivering positive change. She has been part of a team that has developed our charity into a professional body providing first-class services to the autism community in Jersey. Helen has been a real asset to Autism Jersey and I have no doubt that she will make a great contribution to the parish and the island."

Karen Gallichan

Channel Swimmer - Autism Jersey Manager

“If elected, Helen will be a passionate advocate for inclusion and fairness. She will challenge discrimination and be a role model for women and girls across the Island, able to provide support for those who find themselves in difficult circumstances.”

Mike Bowron QPM, FRSA

Chief Police Officer 2011-2017

“Helen was a valued member of my top team. She was the first woman in the Channel Islands to be selected for the Strategic Command Course, the most prestigious leadership programme in British Policing. We face some challenging times ahead, and Helen has the experience to provide clear, strong leadership in difficult circumstances. If elected, she would be an asset for the Parish and the Island.”

Lesley Harrison

Chair, PrisonMeNoWay! 1999-2021

"Helen is a strong advocate of community-based policies and developing solutions which are directly relevant to the people they aim to assist. Her community focus is much needed in the States "

Brian Heath MBE

Chief Probation Officer 1999-2018

“I worked with Helen for over 20 years, and saw first-hand her commitment to achieving the best outcomes for the Island. She was a dedicated, hard-working public servant, and I believe would be an excellent representative for St Brelade in the States.”
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